• Booking is child's play

    Booking is child's play

    Check availability in the calendar then follow the simple instructions below to make a booking.

  • Your local venue

    Your local venue

    Hessenford Hall is there to be used as a venue for your event. 

Step 1

Wait for a calendar to appear in the box above (which may take a few seconds).

Step 2

Click on the date you wish to book the Hall. A form will replace the calendar. Select the time(s) you wish to book the Hall. Click 'Proceed to Booking' (or X to Cancel).

Step 3

Check the date and times booked are correct. Fill in your contact details in the online form and type the Captcha code into the adjacent box. Click 'Continue'.

Step 4

Check your details are correct. Click 'Continue'. Your booking will be saved. You will shortly receive an email to confirm your booking.